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About Us

At Freshpasta we strive to bring you our fresh pasta products by using only the best quality ingredients. With 31 years of service in the Vaughan Community, we have always maintained a high standard in manufacturing fresh and frozen filled pasta products. Our process is just like at home, with no use of added preservatives, artificial flavours or colouring in any of our products. Over the years we have grown and expanded our product lines to offer more of a variety of flavour filled pasta’s. We offer wholesale and retail services. Supplying restaurants, cafes and bakeries throughout the GTA. We are a 100% Canadian owned family business providing wholesome and satisfying pasta to your home and family functions. Coming from Italian roots we are on our second generation of continuing to provide traditional Italian pasta and sauces. All our products are manufactured on site and we tailor the order to your request



Our Products

Using only the finest products, we keep our products simple. Using only Durum Semolina, Unbleached All Purpose Flour and Whole Eggs. All our pasta products have egg in them. We use the finest of veal in our meat filled products and the finest ricotta in our cheese filled products. Our filled pasta products are frozen immediately as no preservatives or additives are added to extend shelf life. Our long pasta products are cut on demand, fresh for you to take home and enjoy with family and friends.

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