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Why is Fresh Pasta Is Better Than Mass Produced Pasta?

It may surprise you, but it is a fact that there are over 350 types of pasta. In addition, there are pastas which have up to 4 varied names. These multiple names arise because of different languages and different regions where pasta is made. Moreover, manufacturers of pasta and cooks also derive at new pasta types or provide a fresh name to already familiar pasta shape. We are sure that everyone around the world has tasted pasta since it is a very common dish. But not many have tasted fresh pasta. The good thing about fresh pasta is that it is healthier, fresher, and a lot tastier compared to pasta that is mass-produced. Let’s start by talking about how fresh pasta is made.

If you have flour, water, and eggs then you can make the most basic of fresh pasta. From there you can start to vary your ingredients. Different variations of fresh pasta include changing the flour type. Some people prefer using Semolina flour. Other stick to all purpose. Some even make it from whole wheat. After you have decided on your flour choice you can play around with you egg selection. From regular to egg white only. Finally, you may choose to add fresh herbs to give added flavour to your dish. The combinations and variations are endless.

How to prepare fresh pasta?

There are different ways you can make fresh pasta using different tools.

Food Processor: Instead of making pasta by hand you can make the use of food processor to save time.

Pasta Maker: If you don't have a pasta maker, you can purchase stand mixer attachment called a pasta ruler.

Drying Rack: This is beneficial to dry out the pasta.

Rolling Pasta Using Hands: To prepare fresh pasta you don't need to purchase costly equipment. There are easy ways of rolling out pasta with just your hands and a rolling pin.

Why fresh pasta?

Maybe you are wondering why people even make fresh pasta, when pasta can be so simple as grabbing a cardboard box and boiling some water. The reason comes down to the fresh flavour and texture.

First of course, fresh pasta uses fresh ingredients. You will find that fresh pasta has a different texture compared to pasta you purchase from the store. Fresh pasta has a springy and light texture which makes it ideal for use with fresh sauces. Moreover, fresh pasta easily absorbs flavors, which we don't see in case of mass-produced pasta.

Fresh pasta has a richer flavour and taste from the egg and is more tender than dried pasta with a smoother texture. The delicate texture makes it perfect for creamy and diary-based sauces. This tender pasta can also absorb all the flavour from your favourite pomodoro tomato-based sauce.

When comparing dried mass-produced pasta to fresh pasta you will also find a difference in quality. The main difference is that in case of mass-produced pasta the focus is quantity rather than quality. There is not much thought or detailing that goes into the preparation. Small or medium batch fresh pasta makes quality ingredients a top priority as it ensures proper flavour.

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